okay just a few minutes ago i was trimming the bushes in front of our house (yes when you get to be an adult you too will get to do such exciting things). apparently the bush i was trimming did not like me cutting on it and decided to release a yet unknown weapon against me. it would appear that bushes have a symbiotic relationship with yellow jackets. i don’t know the specifics but apparently the relationship works something like this – i’ll give you a place to live if you will insanely attack anyone who comes near me with clippers. i’m not sure how long these particular yellow jackets hav lived at these bushes because it has been around a year since i have approached this bush with clippers (though i have walked all around it without a cutting device in my hand and never been attacked – that’s the key – you must have clippers in your hand for the yellow jackets to live up to their part of the bargain). today though i had clippers in my hands and the yellow jackets decided to honor their arrangement and they actually seemed to enjoy keeping the bargain. they attacked me viciously. by the time i realized what was going on i had been stung 5 times around the ankles.

yet this was not the end of the battle because being a former boys-scout i was prepared. i had in my possession a can of wasp and hornet killer and i quickly ran for it (maybe hobbled toward it would be a better description). i came back with my own weapon and attacked both the bush and the yellow jackets. vengeance is mine saith the homeowner! as the yellow jackets squirmed i laughed over the bodies. i of course, ran away like a little girl when one of the remaining yellow jackets flew towards me, but still i laughed.

i’ll update you later on the battles of the bushes if there are any new skirmishes.

the poor little lost cell phone

last night after the view i went out to calendar’s with james a, craig d, chris m, and brandon n to wind down a little. the time there was very enjoyable talking about basically meaningless things. about 9:30 or so i decided to go home. when i got home i noticed that i did not have my cell phone on my belt. convinced that it had probably fallen in my vehicle i went outside to locate it. to my surprise i was no where to be found in the protege. of course, i thought, i had taken it off at calendars and must have left it on the table. when i called calendar’s i spoke with a friendly hostess who promised me that she was looking at the table at which i had sat and she saw no poor forlorn communication device sitting on it. then i realized that i must not have looked in all the areas of the mazada and this time i decided that i would call my poor lost cell phone while i was in my small little red car. the phone was on vibrate but i knew i would ear the vibrations while i was in the car. after the sixth phone call with no buzz occurring i realized that the phone must have dropped off in the calendar’s parking lot and was probably now sitting on the asphalt in fear and danger of being turned into the electronic equivalent of mashed potatoes (with the lumps). i rushed to find my sad little call receiving friend. i searched through out the entire parking lot thinking that maybe my phone had crawled into some small area of the parking lot and was whimpering there believing that i had forgotten about it. don’t worry communication buddy, i’m coming. after an hour of having people laugh at me i finally gave up on the parking lot and feared the worse for my cell phone. it was probably lonely, choking for its last breathe wondering where i was and why i had rejected it. i drove home downcast and stopped at a convenience story for the encouragement that is only to be found within a diet dr. pepper bottle. with a somber face i turned into my drive way and in the grass the automobile lights hit a small, silver metal smile of hope. there beside my kids basketball goal was my motorola v60. the reunion was joyous.

if i search this hard for a stupid phone (no offense meant little communication buddy) imagine how desperately GOD searches for HIS lost sheep.

god answers prayers

now i’m not going to get into the specifics here because i don’t know but that someone might actually read this, but for the past year and a half there has been a struggle related to the church that was affecting alot of the ministry that goes on here at the church. it was nothing major and didn’t do much harm but was almost always there creeping under all the stuff that was going on. i know personally that it was very frustrating to me and i believe it wa for several of the other pastors in the church. i couldn’t see how to fix this thing and apparently noone else did either, because all that would happen is that we would complain about it and never actually be able to do anything about it.

well today that changed. today was the first signs of cracking in the situation. today the solution began to appear. today is a great day just because the end of this frustration is at hand and it has worked out wonderfully.

for me this has been a reminder that GOD really does answer prayers. i have prayed about this on and off for the past year and a half. i have to admit that sometimes i began to feel like it was just going to be this way forever. yet GOD had better plans. HE answered the prayers and HIS people and will continue to. we really do have a great GOD.

11:28 p.m. i just wanted to add that i thought the view tonight was butt-kicking. riley, jessica, brandon, and craig did great with the music and megan did just as great with the message.

i think this thing is working

well i believe that i actually have this thing working now. this means that i can try it out and see if this is something that will be good or not. i’m not exactly sure what i am going to do with this thing but i figure that will come along as i try it out. if nothing else i may just start writing out a thought that runs through my head every now and then. of course, that doesn’t happen very often.

anyhow i’m sitting beside pam right now, she’s on one computer and i am on another. we’re reading things that people have posted on various websites and we are both sad because of what we are reading. not because people are talking about anything particularly bad (some are and some aren’t). we’re sad because the majority of the statements we are reading come from people who talk as if they are settling for what they can get because they have given up hope for something better. that’s not what life is supposed to be about. i know that we aren’t meant to settle for boring, pathetic survival. we are meant for so much more. it’s sad we settle for less.