Life has recently been pretty busy between church, a small part time job, 12ish hours a week chaplaining at St. Mike’s hospital, Clinical Pastoral Education meetings, and finishing my dissertation to send to my faculty mentor. Therefore, I haven’t posted much to my blog. I keep on thinking of things I want to post but then my mind freezes and I stop. For example, I am curently enthralled by the story of Don Quixote in relation to a story I heard on “To The Best of Our Knowledge” concerning how we shape our own stories. Then my brain freezes and I can’t remember what I was thinking about.

Anyhow today I want to brag on some people at Tapestry. Pam, Amanda, Jan, Jodi, Adam, Drew, Eric, Joel, and a few others have created a website and its content for Lent. Each Sunday a new cover of a Lent/Easter hymn that has been recorded by various “threads” will be released with inspirational peoms, photos, and more. These ladies and gents are amazing.

You should go to lent.sptapestry.org and be a part of this thing.

Author: Robert

Confused and faking it most of the time. The only things I am actually sure of are the love of my LORD, the love of my wife and kids, the Boston Celtics are the greatest franchise ever in basketball, the Green Bay Packers & Alabama Crimson Tide would be the best one in American football and a good chili dog is worth my weight in gold.

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