1st Blood

the shot

So I’ve killed my first deer. Andy was nice enough to let me hunt on his property again this year and even loaned me some of his hunting wisdom by recommending a spot for me. Andy had seen this doe fawn hanging around one of his clearings. I saw her come into the clearing and watched her for about 40 minutes hoping to get a better shot. Ended up shooting her when she was 75 yards off because there was a lot of gun fire around and she was starting to get spooked. .

I can’t imagine handling, field dressing, and hanging by ones’ self some of the big deer I’ve seen friends shoot. Hauling, field dressing, and hanging this little thing was enough a challenge for me. Similar in some ways but obviously very different from field dressing the small game that I am used to dealing with.

2012-11-17 08.16.47

Author: Robert

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