Stylish Baptism

I’ve seen this on several sources today (ht tony jones for my first sighting). I have no words for this. I don’t even know how to comment other than feeling a strong need to go puke and take a shower.

Author: Robert

Confused and faking it most of the time. The only things I am actually sure of are the love of my LORD, the love of my wife and kids, the Boston Celtics are the greatest franchise ever in basketball, the Green Bay Packers & Alabama Crimson Tide would be the best one in American football and a good chili dog is worth my weight in gold.

4 thoughts on “Stylish Baptism”

  1. She thinks it would be inappropriate to be “boobalishous?” I’m not really sure it matters once you decide your purpose of the baptism is style. (Gag!)

  2. I know how to respond.

    This is not what Jesus had in mind when he commanded us to go and baptize disciples. This is not what a disciple looks like. This is not even close to forsaking all and trusting Him.

    As a side note this is probably what the rich ruler had in mind when he was talking to Jesus about inheriting eternal life.

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