i could teach you but i’d have to charge

it makes me laugh every time i look at it.

my run for the day
distance – 4.0 miles
time – 41:54
pace – 10:29/mile
weather – 23ยบ/very icy

Author: Robert

Confused and faking it most of the time. The only things I am actually sure of are the love of my LORD, the love of my wife and kids, the Boston Celtics are the greatest franchise ever in basketball, the Green Bay Packers & Alabama Crimson Tide would be the best one in American football and a good chili dog is worth my weight in gold.

2 thoughts on “i could teach you but i’d have to charge”

  1. hilarious….

    hey bro, two things:

    one, I’m taking a workshop at Asbury on Modern Psalmist and psalm writing as a spiritual discipline. email me your address if you want the packet–i know you’d dig this stuff.

    two, I have a buddy who may want to connect with you via email… church planter, and has been praying about your neck of the woods… i may pass your email along if thats cool. let me know.

    oh–and the real question with this graph is: is this an accurate depiction of the truth of There Will Be Blood”—I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!!!

  2. thanks drew. i would love to see the modern psalmist stuff but i can’t send you my address because i apparently don’t have your email address (which makes no sense to me but i guess i just call you instead of emailing you). please send my email address to your buddy. that would be cool.

    i haven’t seend “there will be blood” but i’ll take you word for it.

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